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Your floors are speaking to you.

If you have modern wood or laminate floors and they creak then something is wrong. These modern floors systems are like a giant jigsaw puzzle that locks together and sits on top of your subfloor. Through the seasons your floor will expand and contract, and this is why it is important to have an expansion gap around the edge of your floor when it is fitted.

The creaking occurs when you floor has gone through a number of these expansion/contraction cycles and the interlocking sections that lock each plank to the next change shape. This creates gaps and thus, when you walk on your floor it moves slightly causing the interlocking sections to creak.

We have found this is the cause for about 80% of creak problems in engineered and laminate flooring.

Stop Creak™ works by lubricating these joints with a special resin that does not stain wood and lasts for years.